Will the rack fit on my bicycle?

If your bicycle has 26", 650c, 650b, or 700c wheels, the rack will be a great fit.  

I make two sizes of legs, one standard, which fits  26", 650c, 650b, 27" or 700 x 35c wheels and a Tall leg that fits balloon 700c: 37c to 29er sized tires.

The fit is determined by many factors: length of fork leg, fork offset, how many eyelets are at the fork tip, etc. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me: mf@passstow.com

Will the rack work with my brakes?

The rack was designed to work with most types of brakes: Cantilever, V brake, disk, etc.  The requirement is that your fork crown is drilled so that you can mount the Y mount to your fork crown.

Side-pull brakes: (Modern single or dual pivot brakes to older dia-comp’s) This is the kind of brake that is only mounted to the center hole of the fork. Most brakes work but some interfere with the rack, when ordering please contact me at: info@passandstowracks.com with your make and model of brake and a photo of it from multiple angles: the more the better!

How does the rack attach?

The rack attaches to either the upper or lower eyelets at the bottom of the fork and the center hole at the fork crown. I do make a special leg for bolt-on front wheels that don't have eyelets, but still must have a center hole at the crown. 

The rack does not mount to mid-fork leg eyelets.

The rack does not mount to eyelets on the top of a fork crown.

What if I don't have eyelets at the fork tips?

I do make a drop-out that works with only bolt-on wheels. Quick release skewers do not work as a way to connect this rack to your bicycle.

What are the rack dimensions?

       The rack bed on center is: 12.5" wide x 11" deep x 3" tall

       The length of the legs from center of the eyelet to the underside of the bed is:

          Standard: 14 3/16"

          Tall:         14 15/16"

What is the weight limit of the rack?

The official weight limit is 25lbs. on the deck. This is due to the way the bike handling changes with a heavy weight, not due to the strength of the rack. The rack has been load tested to handle 190lbs without fail in a non-rolling bicycle. At the pannier position, the rack can hold more weight due to its close proximity to the center of the wheel. 

Is the light post standard? 

Yes! Every rack comes with a light post. It has a M6 threaded barrel on the right (drive) side of the rack. With this you can attach a Gino light mount for a battery powered light, or if you have a generated light, you can just bolt it right to it. Photos of setup are under the spec tab. 

An optional second light post is available for $30. This is a great option for running dual lighting setups.

Does the rack come with internal wiring for lights? 

Yes! Every rack comes with internal wiring option on the right (drive side).  The wire enters at the light and exits at through the drop-out. Photos are located in the Spec tab. 

Can I attach fenders when there is only one set of eyelets at the fork tip? 

Yes! There is an extra set of mounting points on the drop-out of the rack to accommodate fenders when the rack is mounted. 

I would like an upper mounting point for my front fender, is this possible? 

The Y mount that connects the rack to the fork does not come with an eyelet, but for $25 I can braze one in for you. 

This allows the fender to be supported by the rack, which adds stability and could help with rattling with some fender models 

Does the rack work with suspension forks? 

No they do not. 

Do you do custom work? 

I do not do custom racks, but if there is something within reason, I will try to accommodate your needs.