In 1992 I started building bicycle frames in my basement in Flushing, NY with a friend. With a stack of tubes and little to go on, we made a wooden jig and got to work and in the following years made over eighty frames. Now my friend makes carbon bikes and I make bicycle racks (and still a frame or two just for fun).

While taking classes at the local community college I wanted a way to move my load of books off my back and Pass & Stow was born.

I realized things I want to haul exceed the ability of the bike in a lot of cases and having a front rack, which utilizes an unused area of the bike, made a lot of sense. Moving the weight off my back and onto a stable platform made riding a more enjoyable and satisfying.

Pass and Stow Racks are the result of five years of prototyping and developing the complicated process of making a (mostly) universal front rack.  The rack has the ability to carry a load either on top or down below with panniers. The rack comes currently in two sizes and in two colors with a light post standard on each.

The racks are made with the same quality and care that goes in to a custom bicycle frame, made by brass fillet-brazing aircraft tubing 4130 chromoly steel. It's very strong and light (rack with all hardware is just 2lbs 4oz). All right in Oakland, CA!

Pass and Stow racks are supported and tested all over the country in a host of different situations, by cyclo-tourists, commuters, and messengers. These racks are put through their paces with the beauty that matches any custom frame and the strength to handle any hauling condition you can throw at it.